Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 25th October 2016 Watch Full Episode Here

Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 25th October 2016 Watch Full Episode Colors Channel

Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 25th October 2016 Watch Full Episode Colors Tv Serials Today. Written Story of Kasam 25.10.2016 Episode 169 Drama.Kasam Serial Tuesday 25 Oct :- Kasam, Kasam Tere Pyar Ki, Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 25.10.2016, Kasam Tere Pyar Ki Colors Tv, Kasam Episode 169 Watch Online, Kasam Full Story Tuesday

Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 25th October 2016 Watch Full Episode

Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 25th October 2016 Watch Full Episode

In The First Scene Malaika with Tanuja and Rishi Come Near her and Said that He is waiting for the Time when They will be Together.Malaika Told Him that She feel nice after dancing with Him Today. She Said if you will not Dance with me in whole life than After I will Dance with you everyday. Rishi Said He also feel good and want to Dance with Her full Life. Mr. Raj, Rishi’s Father Call Him for Something. Suddenly malaika’s Phone Rang and She Said Excuse Me One Minute. Raj Hand Over one Gift to Rishi on his Wedding Day and Said that putra this is the Gift from My side. Rishi Asked Guft…Why ? Raj Said It’s your Marriage and its my Duty to give you a gift. Raj also Give Gift for malaika to Rishi. Tanuja Seems so Nervous and Raj Noticed her and came Near her.
Rano call Tanuja and asked her that Why is she Standing go and bring some Drink for Rishi. Tanuja asked for Rishi’s Glass to give here, Rishi was thinking something. Rishi Gave his Glass to Tanuja so Slowly and looking her Continously.  Rano asked Rishi that Tanuja is thinking something and she will do something so beaware of her. Rishi Explained her that You are doing Over react don’t do thta. She Didn’t do anything like you said and left her maa…..after saying Excuse me. Rishi Think that Mom Said right but evenafter this i React like this

Scene 2: Raj asked Smily that where is Malaika. She told she is backside the house. Ohhh… What’s This…Raj Found she is with Some other Guy and Doing Hug with him. She is Feeling so Happy with Him. Malaika was caught by Raj after the Gone from there. Raj asked him that who was he. She said He is her Business Client Mr. Sinha she is there to say him Bye and to Drop Him. Raj Understand that Malakia told Him a Lie. The Matter is something else.
In the Next Scene Smily’s Mom Looking a Diamond Neclase.Raj’s Mother bisy making the List of Required items in the Marriage. Bisy asked Tanuja to go to the Rishi’s Bathroom and Bring nepkin from there. Divya You will keep all these Items in the side. She said that How’s am Looking.

Scene 3: Rishi in Bathroom Thinking about Tanuja and Tanuja enter’s in the Bathroom when Rishi is without Towl. Rishi asking Her that Why she comes in Bathroom everytime. She Said Bizzy send here there. Rishi asked her to go Outside and suddenly fell down in his Arms and Song started and Tanuja said She is unable to stand. Again Rishi Looking her and Song Play’s.
Scene 4: Suddenly Malaika Came in her Room and asking him that You are in Bathroom come out. Rishi asked Tanuja that She wil not speak anything otherwise Malaika will came to know that There is something between Tanuja and Rishi. Tanuja Reply what You said …..Malaika Deciding in the Room that Today Rishi will wear T-Shirt of Her Choice and Open the Almirah and Bring out a T-Shirt. Rishi said Tanuja That Nothing is going on between us. Malaika Calling Rishi come Out Fast. Rishi said that you remain here and I am Going out and Don’t come out untill i say. Suddenly she shout. Malaika Asking Her that what are you doing here. By Fault Tanuja told he is also Taking shower with her in bathroom. She said She Don’t Know where is Rishi.

Scene 5: Rano looking for Raj, Malaika asked Rano where is Rishi. Rano Told He is in his room but Malaika Replied He is Not their Infact Tanuja is there in his Bathroom and left the place. Rano came in the Rishi’s Room and calling Tanuja. Rishi said she is not with him. what will she do in this bathroom. Rano saying something wrong about Tanuja. Rishi continously Looking Tanuja as she is crying. Rishi asked her to go out he just Coming. Again in Romantic Mood and Song Started Looking each other.

next day: Raj asking Tanuja that what She Feel’s for Rishi, he know. She Love Rishi…Tanuja asked him that Today is Rishi’s Marriage and You are asking all these. This is not fare. Raj saying that you do Marriage with Rishi.

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