Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 24th October 2016 Full Episode

Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 24th October 2016 Full Episode Colors Channel

Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 24th October 2016 Full Episode Colors Channel Written Update & Full Story of Kasam Serial 24.10.2016 (Monday).Watch Kasam Drama Online or Read Story Here.

Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 24th October 2016 Full Episode

Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 24th October 2016 Full Episode:- Tanuja in Rishi’s Arms and Dancing with each other on Song and Suddenly Malaika Came in Between. What will Happen Now. What is the Story Now. Wait for 24th October 2016 (Monday Night 10 Pm) to Watch the Next Episode and You can Read the Complete Story of Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 24th October 2016 here after 11 Pm on Monday. 21st October Kasam Episode Available Here.

Kasam : 24th Oct 2016

What’s Today Show in Kasam Tere Pyar ki 24th October 2016 at 10 Pm on colors :- Here We are going to Tell You the Complete Story. In the Short Rishi ask for Tanuja’s Hand to Dance with her and She Gave her Hands in His Hands and Started Dancing on a Very Romantic Song. Suddenly the girl whose Marriages Mehndi Celebration is going on came in between and what Happens Next….. See Full Episode or Read the Stoty.
Scene 1: Rishi’s Father Holding one Mans Arm come out of the House and asking him that Don’t tell anybody about him as he Don’t Know his Home Member’s.

According to Him They will put the House on their Heads. Tanuja was Going from There and Hear the Voice of Raj Uncle and Came in Between. The Person told the Raj that Dr. Khanna told Him that He Is Suffering from Engimer Diesease and is in 2nd Stage. Tanu came to Know about this and asking Raj Uncle to Report to the Dr. as soon as Possible. As He Has Taken Appoinment already. Tanu Said you will have to Go Today Only. Tanuja Get Socked and Convince Raj Uncle and ask her to Take Behind way of House to Reach to the Dr. Tanuja called Smily and Gives Malaika’s Cell and ask Her that She Didn’t Talk to anybody due to some Voice Problem in Cell as She Don’t want to Give Tension on her Marriage Day.

Scene 2:
Tanuja & Raj in Hospital. Tanuja Asking Dr.  that Raj Uncle is allright Na. Dr. Said Don’t Worry We have taken all Test and within 2 Days His Reports will come and We will let you know. Till than I Going top Tell you some Medicines which You have to Give Him on Time. Raj Uncle Said that Tanuja will take care of Me don’t worry Dr. Sahab. Tanuja asking Raj that Move Fast to Home as Mehndi Function at Home is going to Over and Everybody will be Looking Them as Where are They.
Scene 3:
Rano Saying Her Friends That She Was Looking for Girls for Rishi in India But the Girl Comes from America- This is Called Luck. Rishi’s Chhote (Manpreet)come Back from London and Looking for Rishi and Thinking that Where is Rishi Bhai. He is Thinking that Whetjer the Tanuja Kiddnaped Rishi. Rishi and his Brother Catch him saying this. Manpreet want to Give Rishi a Suggestion that he is Not doing right if He is going to Marry with Malaika. Rano also came There and asking him that you come Back. Music Start’s and Manpreet started Dancing on the Song “Tenu Main Love Karta, Bematlb Karta”. Small Boy Holding Tanuja’s Hand Send Her near Rishi and Rishi Catches Him. Malaika Cam and Said that Thank You Rishi to Hold her. Malaika Forces Rishi to Start Dancing with Tanuja on Music. Music Started “Aahte…. Aahte…Kaisi Hai Aahte”. Tanuja Dancing with Rishi in so Riomantic mood.
Tanuja Seems so Happy in her arms. Except Ranu Everybody is Happy. Suddenly Malaika Came in Between and Stop him to Dance with Tanuja. Malaika Started Dancing with Rishi after Removing Tanuja from the Dance Floor. Rishi’s Eyes is Watching Tanuja while Dancing. Tanuja Seems so Unhappy now. Tanuja Left the Place after watching this.
Scene 4 :
Tanuja Crying in Her Room. Mr. Raj come in the room and asking her that She was Crying. Why ? Raj Uncle Said that Don’t tell Lie. Tanuja Said that She Went to Kitchen and Due to something water came in her eyes but Raj Said I was Following her from Dance Floor to her Room and She Didn’t went to Kitchen. He Said He saw her Tears and He Knows that what is the Reason of her Tears because Rishi is going to Marry with Someone else and She Can’t see that this is the Reason that She Was Crying.Tanuja Refused for this. Raj Uncle said Don’t Tell a Lie.She Expain her about Life and Said He Knows everything. Tanuja asked Raj that Plz Don’t tell this to anybody.

Raj Said that he will not tell  but She will also Not tell the Secret of her Disease. Rano Came in Between. Rano Asked Him that What He is doing here. He Said a Lie that He is here to Drink water and Tanuja Supports Him. Rano Said Guest’s are Going back and we have to Give Invitation to them so come with her. He Said You move am Just coming.
Scene 5:
Raj Giving Invitation to Everybody that Come Tommarro in Rishi’s Marriage with Your Family. Tanuja also came in the Hall and Rishi started watching Her. Music is playing. Show comes to end. Now Showing that What will Come in Next Episode of Kasam Tere Pyar ki which is going to Broadcast on 25th October 2016 (Tuesday).

Kasam Tere Pyar ki Full Episode 25.10.2016 -> Raj is outside the House and saw that Malaika is doing with someone and get socked. Raj Came to Tanuja’s Room and asking her to get Marry with Rishi.
Tanuja Saying Raj Uncle What are You saying Today is Rishi’s Marriage with Malaika and How Can I Marry with Rishi. What will Happen Next. Keep Watching Kasam Tere Pyar ki on Colors on 25 October 2016.

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